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Your Big Health Conversation: Phase Two

Your Big Health Conversation: same day care

Phase 2 is now closed. Please read on to find out more what this project involved, or click here to see a high-level presentation of what we were told, or you can view the full report into the feedback we received.

“The NHS needs to change” – that is said a lot, and with good reason. People’s need for care is rising faster than the funding available. Key staffing groups such as GPs are in short supply. New technology gives people more convenient options than the traditional pre-booked appointment.

But what does that “change” actually look like? That is where you can help, and your views will help to guide any future changes to the way your local NHS cares for people.

We want to hear from people about the following four areas - click on the links below to find out more, and tell us what you think we need to know:

Please read on for more information, and follow the links to give your views on how the NHS might change.

The local NHS already knows quite a bit about what local people want from their NHS, including what you told us during Phase 1 of Your Big Health Conversation. Now we need to hear from you in more detail.

What we already know

 In recent years people have told us that they: 

  • Want services to be local if possible, and not in a major hospital unless that is necessary
  • Think it should be easier to speak to a doctor or nurse at their local surgery
  • Are happy to speak directly to a nurse, or a physio, instead of a GP if that is the right option for them
  • Feel it is often hard to know which service is the ‘right’ choice for them to make
  • Would like easier access to specialist staff, when needed
  • Would like a more ‘joined-up’ NHS which works harder to make patients’ lives easier

So what now?

The local NHS is now considering how services in this area should change, taking into account what people have told us, and other key factors such as funding, staffing, and clinical evidence. We still don’t know exactly what the future will look like, but in general terms the local NHS is likely to:

Change the way GP surgeries work – there may be fewer of them, but they could be home to a far wider range of staff and services, giving people more ‘joined up’ care.

Change the way people get ‘same-day’, or urgent, care – it may mean groups of surgeries working together to provide a bigger and better service, covering a wider area.

Change the way people with long-term illnesses are cared for – the NHS needs to do more to keep people healthy, and prevent illness, rather than merely stepping in when someone is sick.

So what might the new NHS look like, and how does it compare to today? That is where we need your help.