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You said, we did

We use your feedback to change how we do things and these are detailed in our regular engagement reports.

Recent examples include:

You said...

We did...

Patient online services are not always well promoted or easy to use

The CCGs have been helping practices to promote these, for example e-consult, and will continue to do so

Some practices are experiencing internet connectivity issues

Funding for an upgrade programme which includes all practices has been agreed and will be implemented shortl

The waiting times for audiology, in particular micro-suction and hearing aid services, are increasing

The provision of audiology will be subject to review in the near future

GP led phlebotomy service need more promotion but recognise that the service is new and agree that the communications should be reviewed after the initial implementation period

This has been raised with the project lead and further promotion work will be undertaken as required

You have concerns about the impact of increasing populations from planned new housing developments

The CCGs work closing with the local councils to determine the impact of potentially increasing populations so these can be planned for, including access to primary care services

There seems to be difficulties in practices receiving flu vaccines

NHS England is responsible for the distribution of the flu vaccine and is aware of the issues there have been. It has worked to resolve these to ensure practices have the supplies they need

GPs are charging minors for letters related to their health for school, etc

GPs are entitled to charge reasonable costs for work that is outside of their General Medical Services (GMS) contract which includes letters to support applications to exam boards etc. This work is additional to the services they are funded to provide and charges cover the professional expertise and administrative support required. There are no set regulations for this area however professional bodies, such as the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Wessex Local Medical Council, do offer guidance for practices