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You said, we did

We use your feedback to change how we do things and these are detailed in our regular engagement reports.

Recent examples include:

You said...

We did...

The role of local pharmacists and the advice they can offer could be promoted through local council magazines

We are discussing this option with local councils

Could the number of appointments offered by the ultrasound service is Gosport be increased

We will discuss this idea with the organisation that provides this service

The waiting times for audiology are too long

We will be reviewing how audiology services are provided in the near future

Some local hospitals websites are out of date

We have asked the organisations responsible for these websites to review and update them

Some GP practices have issues with their car parks, primarily that spaces are being used by people visiting nearby venues rather than the practice

Patient Participation Groups and practices are working together to resolve these local issues

You have concerns about the number of patients who do not attend their GP practice appointment

Patient Participation Groups continue to share approaches taken by the different practices so these can be considered by practices who have high rates of patients not attending