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Useful links and training information

Training information

All of our staff receive training in realtion to what constitues abuse, and how to report a concern. Staff in more specialist clinical roles receive more comprehensive training.

Multi-agency working

Local authorities have the lead responsibility for the co-ordination of the safeguarding adult's process. In order to ensure consistency of approach across the local authorities within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, a county wide safeguarding adults policy has been developed by Local Authorities, The NHS, and Hampshire constabulary. This policy can be found by clicking here.

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) oversees the effectiveness of arrangements made by individual agencies and the wider partnership to safeguard adults from abuse. Its remit is one of co-ordination, planning and commissioning. It contributes to the wider goals of improving the well-being of adults (The Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board accountability statement, 2011/12).

Their website provides a range of advice and information that can be found at

NHS Commissioning Board

The NHS commissioning board is responsible for both supporting CCG's and holding them to account. Their focus continues to be on improving outcomes, and driving up standards of care. They provide both oversight and assurance of the CCG's safeguarding arrangements and support the CCG's to meet their safeguarding responsibilities. Further details outlining both the CCG and commissioning boards’ responsibilities can be found in the 'safeguarding vulnerable people in the reformed NHS accountability and assurance framework' document.

No Secrets: guidance on protecting vulnerable adults in care

This document set outs how commissioners and providers of care services should protect vulnerable adults.