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Patient and Public Engagement Annual Report

During 2015/16 Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) engaged with over 1,800 local people on a range of topics and in a variety of ways. This was in addition to our ongoing engagement with the Locality Patient Groups, voluntary sector and partners to ensure we hear and act upon the views of local people. Our Patient and Public Annual Report, which is available in our Key Documents section, sets out the engagement activities we have undertaken in further detail. 

What have we engaged on?

As well as the ongoing feedback we have received, we specifically engaged on a range of topics including long-term conditions; transforming local NHS services in east Hampshire; community bed and services; and Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre, Portsmouth.

How do we engage?
We engage with local people in a variety of ways including: 

  • Surveys – both online and face-to-face
  • Focus groups
  • Conversations with individual people
  • Holding events with our partners
  • Attending local groups.

We promote engagement opportunities through:

  • Our websites and social media
  • Locality Patient Groups, Patient Participation Groups, local councils and the voluntary sector
  • Local media.

What are the key themes?

From the feedback we have received the clear and consistent themes remain in line with those from 2014/15. These are: 

  • Integrated care – local people have told us they would like:
    • More co-ordinated care focused on people rather than organisations
    • More information and involvement in decisions about their care
    • Better use of IT systems so the professionals caring for them can all see the same information
    • Services that are integrated with social care, the voluntary sector, education, housing and employment
    • Consistency in the care people receive when they are on the same pathway and consistency in the quality of that care
  • Care closer to home – local people would like:
    • More specialist services in their local communities
    • Access to services in a variety of ways including telephone, email and online consultations
    • More services that are closer to home
    • Access to health services seven days a week
    • Easier access to the latest therapies
  • Working with the voluntary sector – local people have said:
    • They would like to be signposted to voluntary support available in their local community
    • They value the wealth of expertise available in the voluntary sector
    • Integrated services need to include those available in the voluntary sector.

How have the views of local people changed services?

We have used the feedback we have received from local people to improve local services in a range of ways including:

  • Informing our reviews of end of life care and community beds and services
  • Arranging for some local GP practices to order replacement hearing aid batteries for patients directly from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Working with Millbrook, who provide the wheelchair service, to reduce waiting times, including directing patients who do not meet the service criteria to alternative services such as the Red Cross
  • Liaising with NHS Property Services to increase the support they provide to primary care redevelopment projects
  • Working with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to reduce the waiting times to see a physiotherapist through the Orthopaedic Service
  • Supporting Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to develop and implement an action plan to improve the service provided by the Integrated Care Teams
  • Working with local Trusts to improve the timeliness of electronic discharge summaries being sent to GP practices
  • Working with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to review the triage process used by the IAPT service (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) to ensure local people who need a face-to-face appointment are offered one
  • Working with the voluntary sector to plan pilots of the ‘Surgery Signposters’ service which is running in Gosport and will be launched in Fareham during 2016/17.

How are we developing how we understand our local communities?

Our engagement activities are just one way through which we find out what local people think about local services. There is a range of other ways in which we get feedback including national surveys, such as the Friends and Family Test and GP Patient Survey; local patient feedback surveys run by different services; and complaints and incidents.

What will we be engaging with local people on during 2016/17?

There are a number of areas we will be engaging on during 2016/17 including: 

  • Long-term conditions – We plan to develop the engagement carried out so far by working with voluntary groups for specific long-term conditions to explore the themes from the 2015/16 survey in more detail
  • Multi-speciality Community Provider development – We will be supporting local GPs community services, local authorities and the voluntary sector who are working together to provide better local care, to engage with local people to ensure their views drive forward how we develop local services
  • Local people’s perception of the NHS – We will be finding out what local people think about the local NHS so we can track the themes each year and use this insight to improve local services
  • Vascular services in southern Hampshire (led by NHS England) – We will be supporting NHS England to seek the views of local people about proposals for the future of vascular services in southern Hampshire
  • Co-production – Running a focussed project in Gosport, from which the learning will help to inform co-production approaches across the CCG.