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Three Fareham area practices tell their 40,000 patients: Together we are stronger

Three Fareham area practices tell their 40,000 patients: Together we are stronger
04 April 2019

Three Fareham area GP practices which have 40,000 patients have entered into a formal arrangement for working more closely together. 

Whiteley Surgery; the Jubilee Surgery, Titchfield; and the Highlands Practice at Fareham have signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ (MOU) and will together work under the name Sovereign Healthcare – although they will retain their individual practice names to maintain their already-strong presence in the very different communities they serve. 

All three buildings will remain open and for many patients it will be “business as usual,” although for a number the new arrangements should offer improvements to both access and services. 

In a joint statement, GP partners for the three practices said: “We are not planning to merge – each practice wants to retain its own identity in its own community. We serve three completely different areas, so we feel this is the best way forward for us. 

“But the MOU will mean that we work even more closely together, and our three practices have for the last 18 or so months pooled our resources to effectively provide both the very successful Same Day Access Service and the Home Visiting Service, which are both run from Fareham Community Hospital. 

“We see this as a natural progression. It will help improve our long-term sustainability and resilience at a time of great pressures on the NHS in general and primary care and GP practices in particular. 

“We believe it is good news for our staff and very good news for our patients, who we are confident will see a number of improvements over time.” 

The benefits will include the three practices: 

  • Being in a strong position to meet the fast-changing demands of the NHS
  • improved health outcomes for patients through better access to services and focus on prevention
  • shared support working will mean the practices can better cover staff shortages in times of pressure and therefore maintaining services and appointments
  • making internal efficiencies which will allow for full diversification of the clinical workforce (the doctors and nurses)
  • the introduction of specialist management roles will make the practices more attractive to work for, leading to improved GP and nurse retention and recruitment – both major national issues for the NHS.