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Gosport same-day appointments service


Did you know that most Mondays the 11 GP practices across Gosport typically receive 700 phone calls for a same-day appointment? This means that the GP practices need to make sure they keep enough appointments each day for those patients that need to be seen as well as providing routine appointments that patients can book in advance.

We know that local people can find it difficult to get routine appointments and, from the survey results, that they are happy to travel to see a different GP or an experienced nurse. Taking this feedback into consideration the GP practices have been working together to see how same-day appointments can be offered differently, to ensure everyone who needs advice or to be seen that day is offered the support they need. It will also help local people to be able to book the routine appointments they need.

Following lots of discussions and considering the feedback from local people the GPs are setting up a same-day appointment service. This would be based at Gosport War Memorial hospital which is accessible by local buses and has car parking available, and run by local GPs, nurses and practice staff.

Patients would phone their GP practice as normal and, if they select the same-day appointment option, their call will be put through to the same-day service and answered by a local receptionist. The receptionist would take some basic details from the patient and then arrange for an experienced nurse or GP to call them back. Patients would be called back in order of clinical priority with the nurse or GP having a detailed conversation with the patient. This could result in the patient being given advice on how to take care of themselves, arrangements being made for the prescribed medication the patient needs to be available at a local pharmacy or the patient being asked to come in to see a GP or nurse.

We know there are some patients who will not be able to travel to the service at the hospital and arrangements can be made for them to be seen at their own GP practice on that day.

We have asked local people for their feedback on this idea and how we could offer local people same-day appointments in this way. All of this feedback has been collated and was used to shape the final model. For further details visit our news story.