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Freedom of Information


This Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) aims to make available, via this website, information about every aspect of our business – how we are organised, what we do, who we work with, how we work and how we are funded.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that anyone has the right to know how public services such as the NHS are organised and run, how much they cost and how you can contact relevant departments, such as Enquiries or Complaints.

You have the right to know which services are being provided, the targets that are being set, the standards of services that are expected and the results achieved.

The CCG has an individual obligation under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to:

  • Provide a Publication Scheme – this is a guide to the information we routinely publish and how it can be accessed
  • Respond to individual requests for information – to inform the applicant whether we hold the information requested, and if we do, to provide it to them (subject to certain exemptions and conditions). 

Our Freedom of Information Policy sets out how we will manage any enquiry received under the Act. 

To make a Freedom of Information request 

Requests for information should be sent to

Please note that any requests submitted to the CCG may be made available on our website as part of our disclosure log.  All personal information about the applicant will be removed prior to publication.

Confidentiality and requesting personal information 

Although information is made available through our Publication Scheme, the Freedom of Information Act does not override a person’s right of confidentiality.  Your rights to confidentiality are protected under article 8 of the Human Rights Convention and the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to access your own personal records; if you wish to request personal records for yourself, or on behalf of another person such as a relative please use the email address above.