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What we do


We are responsible for making sure that people in Fareham and Gosport get the health services they need to live the life they want - to take control of their health and be as independent as possible throughout their lives. 

Our vision is that whatever your age, illness or health condition, you will receive coordinated care from competent professionals who put you first - whether that is in hospital, in the community or in your home.

We have worked with patients, members of the public, health professionals, local councils and voluntary organisations to agree a vision that we will all work towards in the coming years.

This will not be without its challenges. Some of the changes we make will be small adjustments to the way things are currently done. Others will require a more substantial transformation.

To help structure our work, we have devised a set of actions that we think hold the key to us being able to make the progress that we want to over the next five years.

These are our objectives, and you can read more about them in the Our objectives section.

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