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Phlebotomy Services and your bloods tests

From October 1, 2018, changes will start to take place into the way that blood tests and phlebotomy services will be carried out across parts of the Fareham, Gosport and south eastern Hampshire areas.

What this means for you as patients?

For some patients, the changes will mean no difference at all to the way that these services are currently provided to you.

For others, the changes will improve your access to phlebotomy services and make it easier to get an appointment. Some of you will also get greater choice of where you go for a blood test, especially people living in Gosport.

You don’t have to do anything differently. If you are affected in any way, this will be explained to you when your appointment is discussed with you by your doctor or member of their practice team.

So why the changes – and what are they?

From your feedback, we know there are different levels of satisfaction for the current services – depending on where you live. To try to provide the best possible service for all our NHS patients, we have taken the opportunity to review the whole service arrangements.

We are looking to streamline phlebotomy services across the area – particularly so that all GP practices in the geographical localities covered by NHS South Eastern Hampshire, and NHS Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) - will all be offering this service in the same way.

We hope that this will mean that by mid-April 2019 every registered patient at a GP practice in the two CCG areas will receive a blood test via their own practice.

This will make it more convenient for patients; staff will know patients and understand their needs; appointments can be flexed to patient needs when urgent; patients can see their own nurse; and that nurse will have full access to their patient records.

These changes will start to be introduced from October 1, when 11 practices which currently use nurses employed by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) to take blood tests will instead use their own staff.

How the system currently works

Blood tests are either requested by your GP (GP initiated) or by a hospital (Consultant initiated).

At present, GP initiated blood tests are taken either by:

* nurses from PHT at your own practice or another site, such as the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, or a community hospital
* nurses from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (SH), either at your own practice or another site * staff at your own practice.

Nearly half of the 38 GP practices in the Gosport, Fareham, Hayling Island, Havant, Waterlooville, Horndean, Rowlands Castle, Emsworth, Petersfield and Whitehill and Bordon areas already have a contract with our CCGs to provide you with phlebotomy services themselves.

From October, 2018

From October 1, patients registered at practices which previously used nurses from PHT will have their blood test taken by staff based with the practice. The full list of these practices is below. Patients at Gosport practices can also choose to go to certain other GP practices in Gosport, if that is more convenient for them.

For the other GP practices, which use nurses employed by Southern Health, the existing arrangements will continue until a date to be agreed in 2019, when the intention is to commission the service in the same way as the changes in October.

We hope that from mid-April 2019, the responsibility for the blood tests will rest with all our GP practices – and not other NHS community or acute providers, making it far easier for the CCGs to provide consistent arrangements for all patients across the area.

Hospital blood tests

Consultant-initiated tests are usually performed at hospital – and this process will continue in future, although, from October 1, PHT patients can chose to instead have their tests at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, Fareham Community Hospital or Petersfield Community Hospital.

Whiteley Surgery and Fareham Community Hospital

Whiteley Surgery is using rooms at Fareham Community Hospital to provide a phlebotomy service to its patients.

Its full service will start on Monday December 3, 2018. The Surgery’s phlebotomist will work four days a week – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – from 8am to 12.30pm.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) is continuing its phlebotomy service at the community hospital BUT this is now just for patients being bled at the request of a hospital consultant. Patients are able to book their appointments using the Trust’s Booking Centre based at Rodney Road in Portsmouth. 

Domiciliary services

Patients who already receive blood tests at home (domiciliary services), perhaps because they are housebound, will not be affected. Their home service will continue unchanged.

Who does what?

The following GP practices currently use PHT staff to carry out blood tests – but will be using their own staff to undertake this from October, 2018 – Highlands, Jubilee, Centre Practice, Gudgeheath, Bury, Gosport Medical Centre, Whiteley, Manor Way, Lee-on-the-Solent, Bridgemary, Stubbington, The Willow Group, Rowner, Brockhurst, Swan.

The following practices currently use Southern Health nurses to take blood tests for them – an arrangement which will continue, unchanged until early in 2019. These are: Pinehill, Village, Oaks, Badgerswood, Clanfield, Horndean, Rowlands Castle, Elms, Waterside, Homewell and Staunton.

All the other GP practices already provide in-house phlebotomy services (Bosmere, Park Lane, Brook Lane, Riverside, Denmead, Portchester, Emsworth, Westlands, Grange, Vine, Liphook and Liss, Lockswood and the Liphook branch of Swan Medical Group).

How are GP practices going to cope with the extra workload?

Vacant posts were advertised and appointments made in time for the October 2018 introduction of the new-look scheme.

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Please note: The flyer which can be downloaded from the Related Documents section below on this page is for Consultant (hospital) initiated blood tests - not GP-initiated tests. It explains the options available to you if your hospital consultant  has asked you to go for a blood test.

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