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Governing Body Meeting

The Governing Body is supported by six key committees in its work. These are:

Clinical Cabinet

The purpose of the Clinical Cabinet is to drive the development of GP-led, multi-professional clinical commissioning across the CCG area.

It consists of six GP members, a nurse representative, a public health representative, a practice manager representative and four key officers who are responsible for communicating and implementing the vision of the CCG.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides the CCG with an independent and objective review of its financial systems, financial information and compliance with laws, guidance and regulations governing the NHS.

The committee is joint with South Eastern Hampshire CCG and consists of four lay members.

Quality and Safety Committee

This committee promotes and provides assurance on quality processes to ensure that patients have effective and safe care with a positive experience in all of the services we commission for them.

The committee is joint with South Eastern Hampshire CCG and consists of 19 members including six clinicians and four lay members.

Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the CCG Governing Body on determinations about pay and remuneration for employees of the CCG and people who provide services to the CCG. It is also responsible for making recommendations to the CCG on allowances on any pension scheme it might establish as an alternative to the NHS pension scheme.

The committee is joint with South Eastern Hampshire CCG and consists of six members including two GPs and two lay members.

Community Engagement Committee

The purpose of this group is to ensure the views of local patients and residents are out at the centre of everything we do.

The committee has 40 members including local councillors, voluntary sector representatives and provider organisations.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

This committee enables members to make collective decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Fareham and Gosport under delegated authority from NHS England.

The committee is joint with South Eastern Hampshire CCG and consists of nine members, including three lay members and the Clinical Chair for the CCG.

Committees Terms of References

The Terms of Reference for our committees are included in our Constitution